Let the glamping begin!  This all-weather 16ft diameter bell tent is nestled in the grazing pasture of Volcano Acres Ranch Bed & Breakfast in the quaint village of Volcano, Hawaii.  The ranch sits on 5 secluded acres in the rainforest, yet we are just a few minutes to the entrance of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and minutes from the center of town.  Our off-grid glamping site is in the back 3 acres where our goats and donkey spend their days grazing away. Guests can explore the property, which is home to goats, sheep, a donkey, cats, dogs, chickens, and ducks.  We have erected a fence around the glamping site to ensure the animals cannot get into the tent or camp kitchen.  We provide a wagon to take the luggage and personal belongings to the glamping site along the lit gravel pathway but do recommend packing light if possible.

This tent is made of a durable natural cotton fiber suited for all-weather use during all 4 seasons.  It is waterproof and windproof up to 30 MPH winds.  We are not responsible for weather-related issues and will not provide refunds for inclement weather or rain.  If you wish to heat the tent at night, we do provide wood for the wood-burning stove, but basic skills on how to make a fire and keep the coals going throughout the night is helpful.  We are available to assist to get the fire started, but you will need to tend to it throughout the night.

Sitting on top of a 20’ x 22’ deck, the tent is outfitted with a queen-sized bed with a memory foam & gel mattress, luxurious linens, and fluffy pillows. It features a café table with chairs, a writing desk which doubles as a charging station for phones and tablets and even has a hot spot for WIFI.  Guests should keep in mind there is no electricity, so all chargers provided are either solar or battery operated. If you use the solar chargers, they must be “recharged” during the day in the sun.  A free-standing clothes rack has plenty of additional space for hanging your personal items as well as holding fluffy robes and slippers.  Some games and cards are provided.  Luxurious layers of rugs and a wood-burning stove keep you warm on the chilliest of nights.   Battery-operated fans, windows, and the door have screens to let in the cool breeze if needed while keeping flying critters out.   At night the tent and surrounding campsite is illuminated with a series of solar and battery-operated lights and lanterns to help navigate the area.

The private bath is on a covered separate deck within the glamping site and runs off propane and a solar-charged generator to provide hot showers. This is a two-room en suite deck designed just for this particular purpose.  On one side is the shower space with drainage, ventilation, and a toiletries organizer.  Stepping through to the other side is the toilet and a separate dry changing room, with windows, venting, and a towel ladder.  The toilet is battery-operated, odorless, and chemical-free with a patented bagging system that works with the push of a button.  We do provide biodegradable and eco-friendly soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

The camp kitchen shares the same deck as the bath tent but has a privacy wall separating them with a barn door to provide pass-through access.  Everything you need to make a gourmet camping meal is provided except the food! A Camp Chef outdoor oven will provide you with the heat necessary to cook anything from a breakfast skillet to your favorite baked breads or even cookies. The oven can reach temperatures up to 400° F and will easily fit a 9 x 13 pan. The two-burner stove top will ensure you can make a semi-homemade semi-gourmet meal!  We also provide a propane grill, or you can make food the old-fashioned way with a cooking grate over coals in the outdoor firepit. A sink with hot running water makes cleanup a snap.  Pots, pans, cooking utensils, a French Press for coffee, tea kettle, dishes, silverware, cups, and more plus potable water for cooking, a 5-day cooler to keep things cold, and a charming place to eat outside with the stars are all included.  Breakfast is also included and can be delivered in the morning between 8 and 9 am.  You can choose to have it put in your cooler the night before and you can reheat it at your leisure in one of the aforementioned ways. What is not included is ice and food for your other meals.  There are a few general stores in town with limited supplies or you can purchase food/ice in Hilo or Kona to bring with you.

A fire pit with chairs and a small side table provides the perfect place to unwind after a long day hiking and exploring and hopefully catch a glimpse of the milky way.  You can purchase a crate of wood from us or buy some from the general stores in Volcano.

There are no streetlights in Volcano and finding the ranch and glamping tent after dark can be very difficult, so we require you arrive prior to sunset between 4 pm and 6 pm on the first day of your stay. 

Also, the village of Volcano closes down early.  If you arrive after 8 PM, you may be unable to find an open restaurant.  You most likely will want to eat in Hilo or Kona before you make your drive to us. If you chose to eat in Volcano, restaurant seating is limited so please call to make reservations ahead of time.  Take-out is generally available, but in-house dining can be limited.

At this time we are accepting a maximum of two guests for the glamping tent with a minimum two-night stay. There is parking for only (1) vehicle for the campsite.  If you have more than two people or desire a one-night stay, please check out our other available rooms at the B&B, one of which should be able to accommodate your needs.

What We Provide (just about everything!)

Camp Kitchen:

Breakfast each morning.

Propane for the camp chef stove and for heating the hot water for the shower/sink. Propane for tabletop gas grill.

Sink with hot water (NOT POTABLE)/eco-friendly dish soap/scrubbers/scrapers/sponge

Bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Boiling pot/(2) skillets/(2) saucepans w/lids/cast iron skillet with silicone handle holder/ Dutch oven with stand/cast iron griddle/ grill spatula & scraper set /flipper/skewers/campfire roasting sticks/ pie iron prep tool/ double pie iron/single pie iron/waffle pie iron/cooking grate for firepit/bake ware/ pizza round/French Press/ tea kettle/pitcher/ mixing bowls/colander/strainer/Cooking utensils -spatulas, spoons, tongs/ Prep Utensils-grater, pizza cutter, vegetable peeler, measuring cups, spoons, whisk, basters and small juicer/Specialty Utensils- bottle opener/wine opener/can opener/ knives/ cutting boards/scissors/ dry food storage box/80 qt cooler on casters/chip clips/silverware/bowls/plates/coffee mugs/wine glasses/juice glasses/tumblers/trivets/pot holders/fire retardant gloves/dishtowels/First Aid Kit/box with extra batteries for lights/fire extinguisher & smothering blanket/ food prep area/dining table and chairs/solar and battery lighting/lighter/matches/coffee/creamer/assorted teas/salt & pepper/ cleaning supplies/paper towels/outside firepit/chairs/small table /ice bucket/cocktail shaker/wine and beer bottle openers

Lua: (Bathroom)


Hot water for shower/Shower caddy/Teak shower mat inside and outside shower/ towel ladder/Turkish towels/face cloths/ (2) iron hooks to hold robes

Dry Room

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet/ TP holder with toilet paper/trash can/side table with back up dry flush cartridges/basin and pitcher on stand for teeth brushing/shaving/mirror/ towel holder with hand towel/biodegradable shampoo/conditioner/ lotion/soap/earplugs/toiletry set/disposable shower slippers


Queen Bed Frame/Gel and Memory Foam Infused Mattress w/ waterproof mattress protector/bed skirt/sheets w/(4) pillows/blanket/suede & sherpa comforter w/additional quilt at foot of bed/wool blanket if needed/(2) hot water bottles/ throw blankets for tent/,throw blankets for firepit/layers of rugs/umbrellas


Metal cage LED battery lights/ tissue box/battery operated alarm clock/fans


Chair/(2) Solar Phone Chargers/ (2) Flashlights/ folding solar lights/portable blue tooth speaker/inseego router for WIFI/dimmable lantern/mirror/guest book/informational binder/trash can

Café Set-Inside Tent

Table w/ (2) chairs/lantern

Vintage Budweiser crate with chess/checkers/dominos/cards

Free Standing Closet

Fluffy robes on wooden hangers /additional hangers/women’s faux fur lining memory foam slippers/men’s wool lining memory foam slippers.

Wood Burning Stove

Wood for heating tent/Firestarter/kindling/fireplace tools/ash bucket/temperature gage/fan to distribute hot air/drying racks for towels/clothes.

What We Don’t Provide

Firewood for firepit

Coal for campfire cooking                                                                                                                                         


Guaranteed cell phone service-Coverage and service depends on your carrier                                                    

Food for meals/spices/oils/etc.                                                                                                                                   

Ice for cooler

What You Should Bring

Any medications or necessities you need for your daily life.

Shower slippers. (We do provide disposable ones but if you prefer your own please bring them with you.)

Layers of clothes for hiking and ensuring you are warm and comfortable at night in the glamping area.

-What You Can Purchase-

Firewood for the fire pit Can be purchased from us for $20 a bin including fire starter/kindling/logs for 4-5 hours.  You can also purchase bundles of wood from any of the General Stores in Volcano Village.
Coals for Campfire cooking can be purchased for $2.00 per pound.

Other Things to Note

All glampers will be required to sign a waiver of liability and registration form prior to arrival.

You must arrive when it is still light out, between 4 pm and 6 pm, the first night of your stay so you can locate the glamping site.

A pull wagon is available to take your luggage to/from the campsite.

The glamping site is in an active pasture with donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and cats who free range the property and may want to interact with you.

Please do not feed any of the animals people food.  If you wish to feed them, let us know and we will provide you with feed/hay.

No refunds will be provided for inclement weather (rain, sleet, snow, wind) as this is an all-weather tent.

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